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About NCDA

Nippon Sport Science University (NSSU) Coach Developer Academy was established to foster future international ‘Coach Developers’ and to construct a network of coach developers all over the world. This academy is part of ‘Sport for Tommorrow’ programme of the Japan Sports Agency (JSA) for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Proudly collaborating with the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), NSSU Coach Developer Academy provides training programmes with blended learning opportunities for the future coach developers. Creating coaching cultures that leads to positive experiences for everyone through sport is the vision that we have of the academy.


What are Coach Developers?

“Coach developers are not simply experienced coaches or transmitters of coaching knowledge. They are trained to develop, support and challenge coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants…Coach developers play a crucial role not just in the initial formal training of coaches but also in the way coaches are educated, supported and nurtured ‘on the job’” (ICCE, International Coach Developer Framework, 2014)

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